Impulso E-Road
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The E-ROAD range of electric bikes is perfect for the dynamic cyclist. With an incredible range for this category of battery life that touches the 200 km, you can push yourself to the edge of a classic racing bike in complete relaxation and enjoying the surrounding landscape. You can go farther, higher and longer than ever. In this way you will arrive in the most unexpected places and you will meet more people. If before you had to give up a solo excursion or an outing with friends, think again, the Bianchi Impulso e-road makes everything really possible. A NEW EXPERIENCE. WITH WHITE E-ROAD AND E-ALLROAD YOU WILL NOT HAVE MORE LIMITS Stelvio, Pordoi and Gavia or enjoy a long way out on the dirt roads. Dreaming big today is possible with the new Bianchi e-Road. Lightweight and powerful, with fittings for every need and terrain and the possibility, the Bianchi e-Road have a double crown and front derailleur. The frame has been designed to obtain a correct position in the saddle comparable to that of a traditional bicycle. The Polini engine, designed and built in Italy, has a side encumbrance among the most reduced in the category for unrivaled aesthetics.

4.490,99 €   4.990,00 € VAT included